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Welcome to the St. Pius X Knights of Columbus, Montville, NJ.


Please take a look around our site for information about who we are, what we do, upcoming events, and how to join. You may want to start with the page entitled "About Us" . For additional information about our council, please email our Grand Knight Michael Schraft ( You will find additional contact information on our Contacts page.

Knights, please visit our site to keep up to date on Coming Events, especially if you had to miss a meeting for some reason. If you missed the chance to sign up for a Council sponsored event, you will find here the person to contact. You will also find information about past events on this site, notably in our Photo Gallery. Did you know that you can find any Knights Council in the world on the Web? You will find this on the Supreme Council web site. Check our Links page for this and other useful references.

Our “Rose Sale” will be next weekend after all the Masses. There will be sign-up sheet passed around at tomorrow’s meeting for those who haven’t signed up yet. If you haven’t contacted me yet and can’t make the meeting, please let me know after which Mass you’ll be able to help out. We have 6-7 people for the 10:30 on Sunday, but only 1 for the 5:00 on Saturday. The other Masses have 2-4 volunteers each. If you’re unfamiliar with the “Rose Sale” all you have to do is leave Mass after Communion and stand with a bucket in the Narthex. When the parishioners make a donation, offer them a rose decal. That’s it!
Thanks, Mike Schraft​