Some had big teeth, some had none, so pliers they did use.  

As they wasted bait and worked their hooks, they continued to imbibe. 

The weather was rough, the Dramamine worked and the mighty ships were tossed,

if not for the courage of the fearless crew the CTurtle and Shark Bait could be lost.

The waves settled down and the fisherman got down, to doing what they do best. The coolers opened up and the beer went down, refreshing it was, the best.  

The captain and his merry crew, did finally find calm seas.  

He told them all to jig and tug, and keep keep reeling in the fish. 

All in all, a fun fine day. The captains were the best.  

Had there been bigger fish around, they still wouldn’t have made the net.  


They ate their lunch as the sun came out, they continued to Imbibe. Some fish were short, some fish were long so most of them survived. 

Some fish were caught. Some fish were lost, but no one ever gave up hope. As the morning sun shown down on them, the fishermen did their best. 

Abstract: Tim Braden and family, Rob Donahue along with his twin brother and friend, Ken Wilson, Wes Zabransky, Steve Kowalski and Jerry Fragetti enjoyed the Second Annual St Pius K of C Fishing Trip.  

(This Epic Poem needs to be sung by John Connelly to the tune of Gilligan's Island).

Fishing Trip Fundraiser

Come hear a tale of a fishing trip, that the K of C went on.

It was planned for a bright and sunny day, but nice seas were not to be found.